Becoming an influencer is an idea that can pay off: attracted by the success of Linda Ikeji, Otunba Akin Alabi, Naija brand chic, Triciabiz, etc. numerous people are now joining the movement daily.

A few years ago, the world didn’t even think that this type of profession would appear One day. Today, the influencer marketing industry is worth at least $ 5 billion.

The popularity of influencer marketing is on the rise because it works – it’s a real way to advertise and engage audiences to make a profit. It’s fun, it’s easy and it can pay off big!

Discover Our Tips To Become The Influencer That Brands Want.

1. Choose a niche

If there is one extremely important thing you need to know about influencers, it is that the choice of the loaf is very important. So, if you want to become an influencer, whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media, you first need to find an area that you are good at and choose that niche as your main focus. 

This choice should match your personality because it is the only way people will trust you and believe your words. Internet users are quite able to recognize that you are pretending and unmask yourself if you bring up a subject that you do not understand!

Therefore, if your followers feel your deep passion for what you do, everything will become easier. Find a few things that you like and are good at. For example, do you like to exercise and are very fit? So start motivating others, by setting an example and giving them the means to get in shape.

Whatever niche you choose, make sure it’s something you like. It can be cooking, drawing, fitness, travel, crafts, etc. Your work should reflect your sincere interests, not something that pays well or is just trendy.

2. Give your social pages a boost

Becoming an influencer can be a real obstacle course if you don’t give me a little push on your social pages: an empty page attracts no one! Whether you want to become an influencer on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever, there is a way to quickly increase your online awareness and attract followers. 

For this, you can use Instagram followers to gain visibility, buy likes, buy views on Youtube or even buy Facebook subscribers: grow your page and naturally attract more people. TikTok is also an increasingly used platform, you can also exploit it to become an influencer by buying followers there.

Know that you can be penalized if you want to use fake accounts to boost the visibility of your social pages, regardless of the platform you use. Be sure to choose your provider so as not to lose money and find yourself banned from your social network. This one must process orders with real accounts, with photos and content; he must also respect the rules of all social networks.

3. Don’t get stuck on current trends

To be good, recognizable, and famous for what you do, you have to do it in the authentic way possible. Disregarding current situations will allow you to think outside the box, thus inventing new ways of doing your job.

To be successful in influencing, you have to be unique. It means not systematically following what the most famous influencers are doing, but creating something entirely new.

Such a mindset can help us set you apart from other influences in our niche and attract an audience that genuinely cares about the ones you make. So, to achieve your goal whatever it is, you have to respect your path in the world of social media and be recognized by it.

4. Choose the main channel

Like all other influencers, you will need to choose your main social network. It is on this platform that you will need to focus your content the most. This does not mean that you are not active or engaging in other networks, but that you should devote most of your efforts to one network.

Almost all active influencers have made Instagram their main social. If you’re not very comfortable with Instagram, that’s okay!

Fortunately, there are many social networks out there where you can be successful as an influencer. If you have a preference for visual content, you can choose from Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat. If you are a fan of writing, you can use Quora or Medium, or Twitter.

To use the main channel, you need to ask yourself several questions:

  • Who is your target audience
  • What kind of content do you want to create?
  • Which platform does your competitor use the most?

5. Create a content strategy

One thing is certain: the more seriously you take your role as an influencer, the better you will perform. Therefore, being professional and developing a content strategy comes into play.

Your entire content strategy should go through several crucial points such as which platform you focus on the most, the type of content as well as the content ideas. Please always find the right balance between information about your professional and personal life that you will show to your followers. Influencers call this principle 5-3-2. This means that out of 10posts, half must be quality content, 3 must be educational and informative, and 2 must be personal.

Take the time to think carefully to publish content that your followers will find interesting, useful, and of good quality.


These are the bases for creating engaging content as a Nigerian influencer. No one will take you seriously if you don’t have anything to offer or you are talking out of inexperience.

Build meaningful relationships with your audience and watch your authority sky rock through the roof.

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