When it comes to the commercial success of a movie project, the movie trailer is always the most important component. 

In the marketing process, the trailer is a key element. “It’s not just meant to tell the story, but to sell it.”

There are some basic universal tools that must be used if a captivating and interesting movie trailer is to be created, regardless of the movie story, style, or the proper craft of creativity.

Some common trailer pitfalls have been avoided by the Nigerian film industry over the years. Technology and the influx of more movie professionals into the movie industry have played a major role in this success.

Regardless of the movie budget – low or high – a captivating movie trailer can be made with just the right equipment and effort channeled in the right direction. 

When creating your own movie trailer, there are many things to consider: length, pacing, tone, story, etc

To create a movie trailer the audience can’t resist, we’ll look at 3 pieces of equipment.

1) Professional-grade Editing Software:

All of the roles in video production are vital, there is no doubt about that. 

The shot would be ruined without a good cameraman.

In the absence of a good director, the scenes are disjointed and confusing.

An epic result cannot be achieved without professional-grade editing software.

As a result, a professional-grade editing software is required to create an engaging trailer. 

When editing scenes, it is possible to combine emotions, mystery and tension in a single shot. 

Images and sounds can also be manipulated easily, and the audience is emotionally engaged throughout the performance. 

Use Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie to edit your videos.

2) Voice Over Microphone:

It is a tool used in virtually every trailer. 

It is used in trailers to provide exposition, tell stories and give an inside look at the character’s mind.

A voice-over microphone is another important piece of equipment for creating a captivating movie trailer. 

It is necessary to use a voice-over-microphone in order to capture the voice and to improve its quality.

The quality of the microphone will have a significant impact on the overall quality of the trailer’s voice over.

Finding a microphone that would highlight the trailer’s creative work while also instilling trust in the recording might be difficult. 

There are many various voice over mics on the market, and most people are stumped as to which one is the best and delivers the finest performance. 

Some of the best voice over microphones are the Rode NT1A, Neiman TLM 103, Audio-Technica AT2020, and others.

3) A Good Working PC/Desktop Computer:

 If you don’t already have one, get one! 

Even a smartphone can edit a simple video, just as almost any computer can. In order to create epic trailers, you need to take your game up a notch.

An information-processing computer is needed to handle and process all the avalanche of data. Of course, you don’t want your computer to crash every few minutes or to lock up every time you try to edit a document.

You need the ability to render high-quality graphics, create visual effects and export the media into a portable and usable format for viewers to create a compelling trailer. 

To get these results, the CPU, GPU, RAM, and hard drive Storage and Monitor must be performing at their peak. 

Apple iMac Pro, Apple MacBook Pro, ASUS ZenBook Pro etc. are some examples of good working computers.

Now you know the basic kind of equipment to use when building your movie trailers.

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