Invariably, the movie trailer remains the most important component in a movie project’s commercial success. The trailer is a core part of the marketing process. It’s the first impression, an introduction and it’s not just meant to tell the story but to sell it. 

Irrespective of the movie story, style, or the proper craft of creativity, there are some basic universal equipment that must be used if a captivating and interesting movie trailer is to be created.

Over the years, the Nigerian movie industry has succeeded tremendously in some common trailer pitfalls that usually stand as a threat to their creative movie projects. The reason for this cannot be far-fetched, technological advancement and the coming of more movie professionals into the movie industry have greatly contributed to this success.

Of course, a captivating trailer can’t be made from a poorly shot movie with nonstandard equipment. Therefore professional and standard movie equipment such as the camera, tripod system, external microphone, video mic, lightning kits, compact zoom lens, gimbal, high-quality memory cards, dummy battery, etc. must be used to produce the movie so that a captivating trailer can be created out of it.

We have quite a number of good studios that offer a customizable exquisite studio design and construction at reasonable prices, some also render sound design and production, green screen/ chroma keying as well as multi-camera production.

The idea is that with the right gadgets one can create engaging contents that connect with the audience. Whether bespoke film equipment rented ones or purchased one. The right equipment makes one think out of the box and offers you unlimited access to creativity.

The good news is irrespective of the movie budget – low or high, with the right equipment and the channeling of efforts in the right places, a captivating movie trailer can be made. 

There are a lot of considerations to make when cutting your own movie trailer: length, pacing, tone, story, etc. But in this article, we’ll look at 3 equipment to create a captivating movie trailer that the audience can’t resist.

1) Professional-grade Editing Software:

No doubt, all the roles of video production are vital. Without a good cameraman, the shot is ruined. Without a good director, the scenes are confusing and disorganized. But without Professional-grade editing software, all of the other aspects of video production can not produce the epic result that the movie is aspiring to create.

 A professional-grade editing software helps make a great trailer that moves at a good pace, suiting the story and establishing a proper audience engagement. It enables great editing of scenes in such a way that emotions, mystery, and tensions can be colligated in the right shot. The bending of images and sounds is also made easy and the audience feels emotionally connected. Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Lightworks, Final Cut Pro X, Invideo, etc. are some commonly used editing software

2) Voice Over Microphone:

The voice-over is a film technique that is utilized in virtually every film trailer. Movie makers use voice over especially in their trailer to provide quick exposition, tell stories, narrate, and give a closer look into the mind of the character. 

Hence, another important piece of equipment for a captivating movie trailer is the voice-over microphone. The voice-over microphone is required to capture the voice and to improve the quality. The quality of the microphone will go a long way to impact the overall quality of the voice-over for the trailer. 

Finding a microphone that will showcase the creative work of the trailer and bring confidence to the recording can be quite challenging. There are different voice-over microphones in the market and the usual people get stuck with the need to select the best one that gives an awesome performance. Rode NT1A, Neiman TLM 103, Audio-Technica AT2020, etc. are some best voice-over microphones.

3) A Good Working PC/Desktop Computer:

Just like almost any computer can edit a simple video, even a smartphone. For epic trailer making, there’s a need to step it up a notch. 

There’s a need to have a computer that can handle and process all the gobs of information. Of course one wouldn’t want the computer to continually crash every few minutes or sitting there locked in the spinning wheel of death each time you try editing. 

To make a captivating trailer, one requires a smooth playback of video contents, the ability to render quality graphics, produce visual effects and export the media into a portable and functional format for viewers. To get these results, the CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage, Monitor must be at their peak performance. Some common examples of a good working computer are Apple iMac Pro, Apple MacBook Pro, ASUS ZenBook Pro, etc.

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